Liability and Medical Release Forms

All participants must sign this medical release form 24 hours prior to check-in.


Do the camper’s stay overnight?

Yes, the campers do stay over night.  On sign in day they are assigned a counselor that will stay with the camper throughout the week.

What kind of activities are planned?

As for fun activities, we keep the youth pretty busy in their clinics but have evenings set up to have games and object lessons to help them connect with each other and to understand the message we bring.

What do I need to bring?

  • Pen/Pencil
  • Bedroll or sleeping bag, pillow. (Cots will be provided for each camper.)
  • Personal care items (soap, towel, etc.)
  • Clean clothes
  • Long-sleeved shirts, jeans, western boots and hats must be worn on rodeo day.
  • Western boots, hat and rain gear
  • Horse, saddle, ropes, and other necessary gear
  • Hay and grain
  • Hay forks and shovels (to clean stalls)
  • Water bucket
  • Rodeo gear (if you have any)
  • Western hat and ball cap
  • Swimsuit (for showers)
  • Sandals and/or flip flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Hydro-flask or water bottle
  • Mark ALL belongings with your NAME

*NOTE: Only 1 horse is allowed per participant.

No weapons permitted on the camp grounds. Each camper will be permitted to have 1 pocket knife not to have a blade length longer than 3.5 inches. If there is any suspicion of weapons, the camp holds the right to search the camper and all of his and her belongings to include personal vehicle and horse trailer at any time during the camp. If a camper is in violation of this rule they will be immediately asked to leave the camp. No exceptions.

What age do they have to be to attend?

We accept teen boys and girls age 12 through 18. They must be 12 as of April 1st, 2022. And can not be 18 as of January 2022.

Dress Code?

It is our desire that camp be a place where young men and young women can escape the distractions during their stay at camp, a place where they can focus their eyes and hearts on their relationship with Jesus, and a place where they are not ‘tempted’ by the flesh. Styles of clothing can be a stumbling block for many youth. The Bible says people are to dress in modesty.

The intent is to not bring attention to how one looks, but to highlight our walk of faith, love and pursuit of holiness. Anyone in violation of this policy will be asked to change clothes or make the appropriate changes to render their clothing modest.

Where is the  camp located?

Sonoita, AZ at the Santa Cruz Fair Grounds.

When do we check-in?

Check-in is between 10:00 am and noon on Wednesday, June 8th

When is the rodeo where parents can attend?

The rodeo is set to be on June 11th, with the start time TBA. The awards ceremony will follow the rodeo.

What is not allowed to bring?


Cell phones will not be permitted to be kept with the camper. They are allowed to have usage of them in the evening for a short period but will be taken away if found outside of “usage” time.

Get In Touch


NICK ROBBS (520) 471-3602
DAWN EDDY (719) 980-0270